Claire Burke Electronic Fragrance Warmer Refills

With a timeless fragrance blend of rose, lavender, patchouli, vetiver and spices, there is no name better than Claire Burke® Original. Be unique, be yourself, be original.

Refills come two to a box and fragrance for 30 days each.

The sophisticated design plate of the NEW Claire Burke® Fragrance Warmer Unit discretely covers the fragrance bottles, which feature our newly reformulated oil for a more impactful scent.

Size: 0.71 fl oz (21mL) each, Total 1.42 fl oz (42mL)

How to Use the Warmer Unit

OPERATION: Please read all SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS included with the Claire Burke® Electric Home Fragrance Warmer Unit. Only use Claire Burke® Electric Fragrance Warmer Refills with Claire Burke® Electric Fragrance Warmer Unit. Wash hands after handling.


1. Rotate warmer unit’s electrical plug, if needed.

2. Unscrew cap and remove from fragrance bottle.

3. Insert fragrance bottle into warmer unit (align wick with hole).

4. Insert warmer upright into outlet. To avoid fragrance leakage, always keep fragrance and unit in upright position.


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